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Most Smart Farming companies focus only on development and application of single products. It is a commendable effort and innovation, complexity and ingenuity of the solutions is ever increasing, becoming more and more effective and highly exciting.
But, when a farmer becomes interested in taking his farming into the next level, they are faced with a confusing selection of various applications they need to evaluate, asses and decide on their functionality given the farmers goals and budget.


So, when considering options, setting goals and looking for solutions, often a farmer is left confused with an abundance of options that can't interface with each other and that are mostly single purpose.

Crop Guards is an aggregator offering multiple components by many manufacturers thus enabling our customers to enjoy a one stop shop for their entire Smart Farming projects.

Moreover, Crop guard offers platform and protocol agnostic sensors which are self-processing and remotely configured which can be combined to collect different types of data on one farm and transmit to a self-processing remotely configured gateway sending significant amounts of complied and processed big data to a cloud-based management system are the wide angel solution of choice.

Additionally, Crop Guard provide full scale deployment and installation including all systems components, devices, data lines, IT and telecommunications products.

Through Crop Guards customers can procure any system component by any manufacturer and vendor at preferred rates.

Nationally and Globally – Crop Guards provide services for customers in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, the EU and APAC, so no matter where our customers need their Smart Farming Solutions, Crop Guards delivers!


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