About us

Crop Guards is an IoT company providing farmers with a scalable comprehensive solution that is crafted from various components that are tailored to suite our customers goals and budget. By listening to our customers, Crop Guards can provide farmers at any budget level with tools of added value for better decision making based on analytics collected from our system devices.


While most other Smart Farming companies focus only on one application of additional value to farmers, Crop Guards is an aggregator offering multiple components by many manufacturers thus enabling our customers to enjoy a one stop shop for their entire Smart Farming projects.

Additionally, Crop Guard provide full scale deployment and installation including all systems components, devices, data lines, IT and telecommunications products.

From monitoring multiple environmental parameters or just monitoring irrigation, measuring rainfall and crop water demand, detecting crop diseases, collecting weather in real time or data from the soil to monitoring active labor with cows, Smart Farming has it all and Crop Guards is the one stop shop gateway to farming like never before.



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