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Smart Farming is the future of agriculture.
It represents the application of modern Internet


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Smart Farming is the future of agriculture. It represents the application of moderns Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) into farming and agriculture. Smart Farming is a management tool using latest modern technologies to increase the quantity and quality of agricultural products and improve farming practices.

Now, well into the 21st century and with the dynamic advancements in technology, Farmers have access to IoT sensors, actuators, scanners, cameras, data management and analytics, image processing, GPS, drones, robotics  and other exciting new technologies enabling them to deliver a more productive and sustainable agricultural production, while better monitoring the most delicate aspects and components of their work thus delivering superior performance while making significant savings of various limited resources such as water and energy. By incorporating IoT and AI based systems onto their farms, farmers and growers optimize their crop yields and promote livestock health through remote monitoring and data driven decision making.

While Smart Farming requires more professional skills and capital, thankfully there is a wide range of options to choose from so the early adopting farmers do not have to make considerable initial investments to begin their venture into the unchartered fields of technology.


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